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Piano Tuition


I am a Stoke on Trent based teacher with over 20 years experience teaching the piano, electronic keyboard and theory of music.   I have my own private studio at Blythe Bridge.


My studio is open all year, apart from Christmas and when I take annual holidays.  Students can still have lessons during school holidays as when long breaks are taken, I often find students don't practice and can take a step back on return. 


I offer private tuition on a one-to-one basis and have an excellent pass rate. I teach all ages from 7 years upwards and believe that is it never too late to learn, my students are various ages and all learn at their own pace. Anyone can learn to play the piano and I'm a firm believer that "it's never too late to learn", most of my mature students have time on their hands to take up a hobby or to brush up their skills.


Piano lessons are held on a weekly basis for 1/2 hour. I would expect my students to practice inbetween lessons, therefore, a piano would be advantageous or even an electronic keyboard.  As the student progresses their instrument would need "touch sensitive" keys which can be found on most keyboards these days.  Alternatively a digital piano is recommended.

I am also now able to offer on line lessons either via Facetime, Zoom, Skype or even Whatsapp

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are held on my Yamaha U3 upright piano and ideally, a piano at home is advantageous, but many students start off with either an electronic keyboard or digital piano, either of these are suitable for a beginner.  As students progress a piano is recommended but I appreciate these take up a lot of room and can be costly so the other alternative is a digital piano. 

Theory Lessons

I like to teach theory alongside either the piano or electronic keyboard as I feel the student needs to understand exactly what they are playing and this helps to become a better player.  Theory is a separate subject and exams can be taken if so wished. 


I have a friendly approach to lessons and hope that my students will gain some valuable knowledge from their time with me.  Lessons can be just for fun or to work through the grades, I use Trinity College London and London College of Music for this.  Grades range from 1 to 8 (5 being GSCE level and 8 being A level as an example)


I have taken all the grades on the piano through Trinity College London myself and completed a course with the Technics Music Academy.  I hold grade 8 in Electronic Keyboard and also more recently passed the AMusTCL diploma. 


In the latter years I started to learn my second instrument, the Violin and within a couple of years passed my Grade 5.  


Playing the piano or keyboard helps students with their coordination as they will use both hands independently, this encourages the brain to develop.  It also is a great way to help boost self-esteem, performing  in front of family, friends and even examiners gives a great sense of achievement.


Any instrument takes time to master and requires hard work and commitment but gives a great deal of pleasure when mastered.


I can offer a free consultation if you would like to discuss starting lessons.  Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard lessons are taken on my Korg PA1000.  Students do not need to bring their own keyboard into the lesson.  Again as above, I would require students to own their own keyboard, these can be relatively cheap to begin with as many of the functions on the more expensive keyboards won't be used.

"I have been having lessons from Karen for over 5 years.
As a mature student , I just want to play for pleasure and not take grades. She is an excellent teacher, professional and patient and gives lots of encouragement. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to learn piano or electric keyboard."

Pat G

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