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Recommended Wedding Suppliers

Below are a list of other recommended wedding suppliers to help make your day amazing:

Clara Lou Photographer


I've worked with Clara Lou at many weddings,

she is very professional and lovely to work with.

I can recommend Clara Lou for your photos as she

will make sure your day runs extremely smoothly so

if you are looking for a photographer check out

her website.



If you're looking to hire an ice cream van

Vitaliano is your man.  I can vouch for his

delicious ranges of ice cream, perfect for a

summer wedding!

Pig Out Hog Roasts


If you're looking for a hog roast I can

recommended Heather and her team as I

have hired them myself from a previous

recommendation.  They are a family-run

business and their food is of a high standard.

Enchanted Venue Dressing

If you're looking for a venue dresser I can highly recommend Mandy and her team.  I've played at many a wedding where they have decorated the room beautifully.  They are another family-run

business and their decor is always of a high standard.


Chris Stokes - Magician


Chris is an award winning magician and mind reader.    He can perform during your drinks reception or wedding breakfast creating an amazing and fun atmosphere. If you prefer you could save the magic until later in the evening whilst your guests are arriving. I know Chris personally and he is sure to make your day extra special with his mind-blowing

tricks and illusions.

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